Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any textbooks required for the certificate in Professional Fundraising Program?
No, there are no required texts. There are no hard-copy materials for the online program.
What makes a successful online student?
Students who are self-motivated and comfortable with technology will be successful in an online learning environment. Here is a checklist to determine if you have the technology skills to be successful. Can you do the following?
  • Create a document, name it, save it, and find it again on your computer
  • Attach a document to an email
  • Download a document or PDF, save it, and find it again on your computer
  • Locate a document on your computer and upload it to another site
  • Print a document
  • Edit a Word document with a .doc or .docx extension (assignments must be submitted in this format)
  • Listen to audio on your computer
  • Watch short video clips (two minutes long)
  • Navigate between multiple windows open simultaneously on your computer
  • Use an Internet browser
  • View a document with tracked changes embedded in it
Is there placement available for graduates of the program?
We do not offer placement or internships for graduates.
What is Boston University's relationship with Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) International?
CFRE, the premier global provider of professional certification of proficiency and practice for fundraiser professionals, has reviewed and approved the Boston University Professional Fundraising Program for continuing education credits.
Who is MindMax?
MindMax is Boston University's educational partner for the online Professional Fundraising Program. They market the program, answer prospective student inquiries, and take registrations and payment. Once a student is enrolled with MindMax, the final course roster is sent to Boston University. After that, the program is entirely BU managed, run on the BU online platform, and taught by BU faculty.
What are the system requirements for the online program?
The online Professional Fundraising Program is hosted on the Blackboard Learn system.
View the system requirements
How can I learn more about this program?
Feel free to contact us.