Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any textbooks required for this program?
There are no required texts for the Paralegal Studies Program. Students must bring a laptop to all classroom sessions.
What is the difference between the blended classroom program and the online program?
Both programs have the same academic curriculum, and many of the same instructors. Both are also fourteen weeks long. In the blended classroom program, students attend class from 9am–4pm on 7 Saturdays and then complete the remaining coursework online. In the online program, students who are most successful login to the program every day for an hour or two.
What makes a successful online student?
Students who are self-motivated and comfortable with technology will be successful in an online learning environment. Here is a checklist to determine if you have the technology skills to be successful. Can you do the following?
  • Create a document, name it, save it, and find it again on your computer
  • Attach a document to an email
  • Download a document or PDF, save it, and find it again on your computer
  • Locate a document on your computer and upload it to another site
  • Print a document
  • Edit a Word document with a .doc or .docx extension (assignments must be submitted in this format)
  • Listen to audio on your computer
  • Watch short video clips (two minutes long)
  • Navigate between multiple windows open simultaneously on your computer
  • Use an Internet browser
  • View a document with tracked changes embedded in it
Is there placement available for graduates of the program?
We do not offer placement or internships for graduates. However, employment opportunities are regularly posted on our web site. The online program does include professional guidance material for paralegals, and twice a year we do offer a two-night Paralegal Career Seminar for all students currently enrolled or who have successfully completed the program.
How long is my WestlawNext password available to me?
Students are assigned a WestlawNext password, available for the duration of the fourteen-week program. The password is canceled at the conclusion of the program.

Note: the WestlawNext password works for a total of 60 hours per month. Remember to log off of WestlawNext when it is not being used.
Is BU’s program ABA approved?
BU’s Paralegal Studies Program is not ABA approved. We have found that most employers seeking to hire paralegals place more value on the reputation of Boston University and the Paralegal Studies Program than ABA approval, which is obtained for a fee.

Currently, no national accrediting agencies exist for paralegal programs.
What are the system requirements for the online program?
The online Paralegal Studies Program platform is Blackboard Learn. View the system requirements.
How can I learn more about this program?
We invite you to attend one of our Information Sessions, held throughout the year. Information Sessions are a great way to learn more about the program field (including career opportunities). Meet the program director and faculty, hear details about the academic curriculum and certificate requirements, and ask any specific questions you may have.

Can't make an Information Session? Feel free to contact us.