Paralegal Studies in the News

BU Student-Johanna Quattrucci 'Makes It Happen'

In this article, recent CPE graduate Johanna Quattrucci shares the story of her time in BU's Paralegal Studies program, and becoming a member of the Massachusettes Paralegal Association (MPA). This article first appeared in the Fall 2012 edition of VIEWPOINT, the magazine of the Massachusetts Paralegal Assocation. Read all of Johanna's story here.

Platform Positions

Center for Professional Education instructor Joseph Spada's article on platform positions was published in the Fall 2009 issue of Viewpoint, the Massachusetts Paralegal Association's quarterly newsletter. Spada's article shares the story of a student, Brian Murray, who volunteered as a paralegal with the Women's Law Project while looking for a full-time paralegal position. Through this internship, Murray was able to receive training and make valuable contacts in the field while working for a great cause.

For the full story, read the Platform Positions from the Fall 2009 edition of Viewpoint, the magazine of the Massachusetts Paralegal Association.