Funding Options

Below, please find information about eligibility for funding, including:

Pell Grants, Student Loans, and Other Funding

Center for Professional Education courses are non-credit, and do not qualify for Pell Grants or other federally subsidized student loans.

Education Loans

The Center for Professional Education offers non-degree certificate programs, and our students are not eligible for federal student loans or deferments on existing student loans. Currently, the only educational loan available to CPE’s non-credit students is Sallie Mae’s Smart Option Student Loan or with a private loan from a bank/credit union. To learn more about the Sallie Mae “Smart Option Student Loan for Undergraduate Students” education loan and to apply, please visit Follow these steps to complete the online application.

  • Real through the information regarding the Smart Option Student Loan and the conditions for repayment.
  • Complete the application.
  • The correct school code for CPE is 00213099. You must use the correct code for “Boston University Center for Professional Education 00213099” to avoid delays.
  • Select “Certificate” for Degree/Certificate of Study.
  • Select “Continuing Education” for Major/Specialty.
  • Select “Less Than Half Time” for Enrollment Status.
  • Select “Certificate/Continuing Ed” for Grade Level
  • Complete the date information.
  • Complete the funding information.
Enrollment is not guaranteed without payment or confirmation that a loan has been approved and will be disbursed.

Funding for Online Courses

Please contact the appropriate partner agency to find out about payment options and loan information for CPE online programs:

  • For the online program in Commercial Real Estate Practice, contact the Center for Professional Education at 617-353-4497.
  • For the online program in Paralegal Studies, contact All Campus at 857-366-9338.
  • For the online programs in Financial Planning, Genealogical Research, or Professional Fundraising contact MindMax at 617-502-8822.

Funding for U.S. Military Personnel and Veterans

Boston University accepts payments by military personnel through Tuition Assistance and Veterans Benefits.

Active Service members

To enroll in a CPE program through active duty coverage, please:

  1. Contact your Tuition Assistance (TA) office and request the necessary paperwork.
  2. Determine the amount of financial assistance that is available to you.
  3. Fax your TA forms to us at 617-353-4494. Please note, if this is an online program, please contact the appropriate educational partner listed under “Funding for Online Courses” above.

TA paperwork must include:

  • The total amount of the course/program
  • The necessary signatures, as requested on the Request for Tuition Assistance Form (applicant, unit commander or authorized representative, and the education services officer).
  • The address where the invoice for the tuition and enrollment fee should be sent. If the military is paying only a portion of the cost of this course/program, please indicate how you would like to pay for the balance. The invoice will be sent from Boston University to the military address noted in the paperwork.

Please note that the institution/school should be noted as “Boston University.’

Once we receive the completed TA paperwork and invoicing confirmation, we will register and enroll you in the course and/or program you've selected. You will receive an email notification upon enrollment.


If you have sufficient credits available in your GI fund, you may register for our approved programs.

To enroll in the program and receive reimbursement through the GI Bill, please:

  • Fill out the proper paperwork (VA 22-1990) with the government and send it to the Department of Veterans Affairs. You can find and print out the form (VA 22-1990) for the VA office here.
  • Contact Boston University's Center for Professional Education at 617-353-4497 to enroll in the program. Payment in full is due at this time.
  • Mail or fax a copy of your VA 22-1990 form to Boston University’s Center for Professional Education.
  • Complete and submit the following registration form: Boston University VA Registration Form.

Boston University will then send your VA paperwork and order confirmation to the VA to be processed. The VA will reimburse student fees.

If you need additional assistance, please call the VA toll-free number 1-888-GI-BILL-1 (1-888-442-4551) to speak with a Veterans Benefits Counselor.

Government Agency Sponsorship

The following government agencies sponsor students who qualify. If you are a government-sponsored student, please provide an official letter issued by the agency specifying the student name, the approved class, and the amount to be paid to Boston University on your behalf. Your seat in a program is not reserved until this documentation is received and approved by the Center for Professional Education.

Contact these agencies directly for more information: