Course Detail

Fundamentals of Investment Analysis RE107

Course Description

This course introduces and develops students’ understanding of the analytical techniques necessary to make effective decisions about the acquisition, development, financing, and disposition of investment property, as well as lease analysis. Access to a financial calculator is required.

Topics: Time value of money; alternative analysis; appraisal overview; aftertax discounted cash flow analysis; net present value; internal rate of return (IRR); investment decision rules; income capitalization; debt coverage ratios; and mortgage financing.

Scheduling Details

  • Offered in September, January, April

Textbooks and Class Materials

  • Access to a Hewlett Packard financial calculator required. The most common models are HP 10B and 12C. Commonly carried at the BU Bookstore and office supply stores.

    Investment Analysis for Real Estate Decisions, 8th Ed., (2012), Greer & Kolbe ISBN-13: 978-1427742056 (OPTIONAL)

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