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Fundamentals of Market Analysis RE113

Course Description

This is an introductory course for real estate professionals who want to learn how to prepare or understand market analyses. Participants will be taught the general requirements and data sources necessary to conduct a market study and how this influences the acquisition, financing and development decision-making process. Guest speakers from various industry sectors will provide their insights on relevant and current topics. Case studies will be utilized, and a local market study outline will be prepared as part of the course. Sophisticated quantitative analysis is not required. There will also be a group current events presentation and reviews of ongoing and terminated transactions.

Topics: Elements of a market study; finding and utilizing data; critical differences in market studies between industry sectors; market study utilization and requirements from the lender, broker and investor/developer perspectives; specific discussions on residential, mixed use, retail, and office projects; how market information is utilized to create a successful project; and a simplistic purchase decision model.

Textbooks and Class Materials

  • Real Estate Market Analysis, 2nd 15 (IPG), ISBN 9780874203653 OPTIONAL HBS Case Study
  • 813-182 - "Pinckney Street" REQUIRED

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