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Investments FP103

Course Description

This course explores the securities market, sources of information, risk/return, debt and equities, stocks, bonds, options, futures, and security analysis, and culminates in portfolio construction and analysis. The course is designed to help students understand, among other things, how money and capital markets operate, how to conduct investment and financial research, and how to evaluate the risks and rates of return for various types of investment vehicles.

Who should attend

Recent college graduates, career changers, retirees, and financial services professionals.


FP 101 Introduction to Financial Planning


FP 101

Scheduling Details

  • Fall, Spring, Summer

Textbooks and Class Materials

  • REQUIRED:Dalton & Forjan- Investment Planning, 1st edition IBSN- 13: 978-1-946711-56-4. Money Education 888-295-6023

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