Course Detail

Practical Legal Knowledge for the Real Estate Professional RE125

Course Description

This course provides a practical, in-depth examination of many legal issues essential for the understanding of real estate investment, development, and operations, as well as how the rules and regulations made by local, state, and the federal government affect real estate in general. Participants develop a working knowledge of laws affecting financing, acquisition, leasing, sale, and the documents associated with those events.

Topics: Basic legal theory of real estate; forms of ownership and choice of entity; purchase and sale agreements; deeds; closings; mortgage, promissory notes, and other collateral loan documents; lender remedies (including foreclosure); title and title insurance; and leases.

Licensed attorneys can waive this course if getting the REFA certificate. An extra elective will be required as a subsitution.

Scheduling Details

  • Offered in September, April

Textbooks and Class Materials

  • Modern Real Estate Practice, 19th 14 (Dearborn F), ISBN 9781427746122 OPTIONAL

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