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Interpreter Internship INT400

Course Description

The optional Interpreter Internship places students in an active interpreting environment within an organization. This is an opportunity for students to strengthen their vocabulary and technique, and make the transition from classroom to workplace. (100 hours).

Who Should Attend

Is the internship right for you?

1. Why does BU offer an internship program?

In addition to providing a venue for professional development that complements academic learning, internships are intended to provide useful experience that will benefit students as they seek full-time employment. Even after successful completion of the program, many interpreters are still accumulating the relevant experience and professional contacts necessary to successfully launch a career in this field. A quality internship experience is critical to the success of many individuals in this competitive job market.

2. What are the requirements for acceptance into the internship program?

The only requirement is successful completion of the interpreter program at BU with a minimum overall 3.0 GPA. Coursework must be completed before the internship can begin.

3. How will interns be placed?

Once interns have registered, the internship coordinator, Inna Persits-Gimelberg, will contact them. They will then have an initial interview with Ms. Persits-Gimelberg to set particular goals and objectives. Ms. Persits-Gimelberg will attempt to place each candidate in an organization that can accommodate those preferences. This process can take from one to four weeks to coordinate. Once an internship is set up, the intern will begin working with a supervisor within the sponsoring organization, who will provide guidance throughout the 100-hour internship. Depending on the nature of the hosting organization's mission, internships may follow a traditional workweek model. Some evening and weekend assignments may be possible on a limited basis.

4. Can an intern be placed a multiple sites?

Yes, interns can complete multiple, consecutive internships at different institutions. Some multiple-certificate graduates will want to have the experience of working in a variety of environments before deciding which interpreting specialization they want to pursue.

5. What happens if an internship is not the right fit?

If for some reason an intern is not satisfied with the placement, that intern should submit a request for transfer in writing to the Center for Professional Education describing the aspects of the internship that are problematic. Requests for a change of placement will be reviewed and decided on a case-by-case basis. If it is determined that the internship placement is truly not viable, CPE will transfer the intern to another placement.

6. How soon or how long after completion of the courses can an intern do the internship?

The internship program runs on an open enrollment basis. You can start an internship right after all your courses are done or at any time afterwards.

7. What happens if internships need to be interrupted?

.It is assumed that an intern will make every effort to complete the scheduled internship as agreed. Pre-existing commitments for vacation or other travel can be included in one's initial internship scheduling. If unforeseen travel requirements or changes in life situation arise that necessitate suspension of the internship, adjustments will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

8. How much supervision will an intern receive from BU?

An important part of the internship experience will be regular contact with Ms. Persits-Gimelberg, the internship coordinator. Ms. Persits-Gimelberg will contact interns periodically to ascertain that internship goals are being met. She will address each student's career development questions and make suggestions that address individual issues and concerns. As liaison between the intern, BU, and the sponsoring organization, Ms. Persits-Gimelberg will any address any issues that arise and maintain communication with all involved.


Prerequisites: INT103 and permission of department.

Scheduling Details

  • Offered upon request

For more information, please call 1-866-633-9370.