Course Detail

Interpreting I (Spanish) INT102S

Course Description

Interpreting I lays the foundation necessary to take full advantage of the terminology intensive courses to come. Students focus on the practical fundamentals of interpreting. The primary mode of learning is role-play practice under the scrutiny of the instructor. In addition to learning three standard modes of interpreting (simultaneous, consecutive, and sight translation), students will learn and practice note taking, perform memory- and vocabulary-building exercises, and begin developing personal glossaries. (36 hours)


Prerequisites: INT 101

Scheduling Details

  • Offered annually in January

Textbooks and Class Materials

  • * The Practice of Court Interpreting (1995), Edwards, ISBN 1-55619-683-0. REQUIRED

    * Healthcare Interpreting in Small Bites (2010), Roat, ISBN 978-1-4269-3122-2. REQUIRED

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