Course Detail

Argus Cash Flow Modeling RE175

Course Description

This course introduces and expands on the use of the ARGUS Enterprise software application. With a focus on cash flow modeling theory, case studies will help students practice the creation, maintenance, and reconciliation of Argus models. Students will be able to develop Argus runs on their own with a practical understanding of the product’s advanced features. Students may purchase a limited-life student version of the software for personal use.

Topics: Rental income; operating expenses; real estate (capital expenses); market leasing assumptions; and recoveries. Investment sales, acquisitions, and asset management case studies will be used. Product topics include most real estate property types including office, industrial, and retail.


Prerequisite: Students should be comfortable with basic real estate terminology and financial measurements. Fundamentals of Investment Analysis (RE 107) is recommended, but not required.

Scheduling Details

  • Offered in September, April

Textbooks and Class Materials

  • No texts required for the course. Materials will be distributed in class. Students will have the option to purchase a student version of the software at a reduced rate. The Argus application is designed to work on PCs only.

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