Course Detail

Interpreting II (Spanish) INT103S

Course Description

This course returns to the intensive skills-training approach of Interpreting I, but now at a much higher level. After taking the preceding courses, students are ready to tackle much more complex and technical subjects and scenarios. While the practice-intensive methodology is the same as in Interpreting I, the level of proficiency, complexity, and speed are all higher. (36 hours)


INT 101, 102, 106

Scheduling Details

  • Offered annually in August

Textbooks and Class Materials

  • Same textbooks that were used in INT102S Interpreting I (Spanish)
    * The Practice of Court Interpreting (1995), Edwards, ISBN 1-55619-683-0. REQUIRED
    * Healthcare Interpreting in Small Bites (2010), Roat, ISBN 978-1-4269-3122-2. REQUIRED

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