Course Detail

Real Estate Leases and Transactions OCRE202

Course Description

This course will cover the exchange and transfer of real estate interests between tenants, investors, lenders, operators, buyers and sellers. Although the class will be founded on legal principles and contracts, the emphasis will be on the business side leasing and transactions. Students will learn how Leases, Purchase & Sale and Financing Agreements are structured and understand how they affect current and future asset value. The transactions to be considered will include the major real estate categories of office, retail, industrial and hospitality. At its core, this class is focused on the identification and negotiation of key deal points and how they are important to the parties involved.

Scheduling Details

  • Registration closes seven days before the beginning of each class.

Textbooks and Class Materials

  • Students must have a working knowledge of an HP-10bII or HP-12C (or similar) financial calculator. Calculator will be used extensively throughout the class.

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